More Than a Face is an honest, informative and thought provoking programme delivered to raise awareness and promote acceptance of facial disfigurement.

The assembly covers:

  • The physiology of facial recognition and why it’s natural to feel startled
  • Perceptions of facial disfigurement through history and in society
  • The difference between congenital and acquired facial disfigurement
  • The abuse that we have received on line and important points about the use of social media to support or intimidate others, both with and without facial disfigurement.
  • The feelings of those who have facial disfigurement
  • Strategies to treat those with a disfigurement positively
  • My own experiences with my son who has congenital facial disfigurement – my hopes for him and his future
  • Questions and Answers session

An assembly lasts approx. 50 minutes to include answering any questions students may have and is more appropriate for high school aged students as some of my content is possibly too sensitive for younger children.
A primary school version is available with a shorter assembly and activities to complete. Head over to the workshop section of the website to find out more.

Please note – As part of informing my work and supporting my applications for charity funding I do ask that students complete a very quick questionnaire before and after the assembly which takes less than 5 minutes. The responses are anonymous but taking a look at them and generating some information on the impact that the sessions are making is very important to the future and development of the charity.

The results speak for themselves