My Story ~ An interview with Nathalia Freitas

Behind the scenes ~ Nathalia recently connected with me on the More Than a Face Facebook page and shared her YouTube channel with me. Her warmth and positivity are fantastic and I was thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed for the website. Thanks very much for...

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My Story ~ An interview with Rory McGuire

Behind the scenes ~ I recently read an article in the Telegraph about their findings from a study which revealed that most people would not intervene if they saw someone with a facial disfigurement being abused. Rory McGuire had chatted to the reporter as a case study...

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Facial disfigurement education; Hope Vs Reality

Facial disfigurement is a topic you may never have discussed when the opportunity arose. Unlike other conditions, facial disfigurement can make people feel quite uncomfortable at times. Maybe its because we are intrinsically curious about differences and the urge to...

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My Story ~ An interview with Lisa Butler

Thanks very much for agreeing to be interviewed for the website. Can you start by letting the readers know your name, age and where you’re based please ? My name is Lisa Butler I am 36 and I am based in Barry. Fab. Thanks Lisa. Everyone interviewed on the site has...

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My story ~ An interview with Ahila Jegerajan

Behind the scenes ~ I have followed Ahila on Instagram for a while and love her positivity surrounding her psoriasis and body image. When I decided to interview people for this website, she was someone I was keen to speak with. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I...

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My Story ~ An interview with Nicki Perrins

Nicki and I are both parents of children with special needs and are part of a supportive online community with others who really 'get' each others different lives. Today though Nicki is sharing a different aspect of her life. I'll let her explain... My Story ~ An...

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