Facial disfigurement education; Hope Vs Reality

Facial disfigurement is a topic you may never have discussed when the opportunity arose. Unlike other conditions, facial disfigurement can make people feel quite uncomfortable at times. Maybe its because we are intrinsically curious about differences and the urge to...

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Helping children to understand facial disfigurement – 7 tips.

When my twins were born prematurely I had no idea that Harry would have a rare cranio-facial condition called Goldenhar syndrome. I didn’t cope very well with the news that my son had a facial disfigurement in the early days, particularly as we weren’t sure of the...

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Are people staring? 7 ways to deal with it.

I never really noticed people staring at each other before I had a baby with half a face (yes, I’m blunt). The reaction we got in the early days almost made me a recluse. I was hyper sensitive to every glance and whisper. They may not have even been aimed at us but I...

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