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Charlie has appeared in local and national newspapers as well as on local radio such as BBC radio stoke and she has appeared on the BBC news where her passion, dedication and hopes for the charity have been shared.

Harry received the Child of Courage award in 2014 from The Staffordshire Sentinel and Charlie received Carer of the Year in 2019.

Her story is a unique and powerful one; of a Mother who struggled to accept a life she never expected and worked hard on herself and the relationships with those around her to create a life and a love she wouldn’t change for the world now.

Oliver and Harry were born in 2005 at which time Harrys craniofacial condition (Goldenhar) was discovered. For him, this meant that he was born with no eye, eye socket, ear, nostril and a short ,underdeveloped jaw on his left-hand side. Professionals also warned that he may have brain damage and never walk. Although he is completely mobile, Harry was also diagnosed with significant learning delay and Autism when he was almost 3 years old and now attends special school and will never live independently due to his cognitive vulnerabilities.

Over the years, Charlie has battled internet trolls about her son’s appearance as well as in person comments that no child or parent should ever experience. Rather than be defeated by such prejudice, Charlie has channelled the love for her boys and continued to share their lives so that people become desensitised to Harry’s differences and can recognise and embrace the similarities and his incredible qualities and gifts.

As a professional, Charlie now shares the insights of her journey as a speaker, trainer and coach to help others. She supports individuals and teams to identify, challenge and break down any barriers they have created so that they can achieve the success and happiness they deserve in life.

Charlie’s journey has been called ‘inspirational’ and ‘incredible’ and her book Our Altered Life is endorsed by the Children’s Craniofacial Association and was an amazon best seller.  You can find out more here,

It is Charlie’s hope that her book speaks to other Mothers with the brutal honesty but tender love that she needed at the start of her own journey and she has created the charity More Than a Face to leave a legacy of understanding, awareness and acceptance for the days when she is no longer here to be a voice for Harry.

Whilst More Than a Face is currently a local charity, the bigger vision is to have charity ambassadors deliver the same content within the context of their own visible difference stories nationally so that more children and young people can develop the empathy and skills to live non-judgemental, inclusive lives.

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